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One of the most underrated colors to use in a home when decorating the interior is the color yellow. While earth tones and blues seem to dominate a lot of homes around the world, there is something that really stands out with different shades of yellow. A person can go with yellow cushions on the sofa or chairs, or a bit bolder with yellow sprinkled throughout. 

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While yellow is a color that stands out, people need to make sure that they are not trying to combine it with anything too crazy. There are different shades of yellow to consider, and that can really make things very quite a bit. A bold yellow is going to make a huge statement, while a pale or washed out yellow is going to match up with ortho is a little bit more.

Think about the rest of the layout of the home to really get an idea on how much yellow is the right amount. Some people will want to make sure that they are setting things up just right for them. Going crazy with one color in particular might not be the best idea without a concrete plan.

Yellow is something that works pretty well in rooms besides the living room as well. Some people like yellow in dining rooms, because it can be a pretty neutral color if it isn't too bright. Instead of going with very basic colors for dinnerware, yellow can be something a little different.

In a bedroom, it also works out for a lot of people to give a warm, inviting look. It doesn't have to be anything too crazy, and it still goes well with a lot of different layouts.

Ultimately, interior design is all about what really speaks to a person individually. Some people are really going to like certain colors, and they are going to stay away from certain colors as much as possible. Yellow is a bit polarizing when it is talked about as a potential color to add. Make sure to talk with everyone in the family before going ahead and featuring the color. Not everyone is going to be completely on board at first, but maybe they will start to really buy in after giving it some time. Start out with something small at first to get a feel for the color, and then start to expand from there if everything goes exactly as planned.